Edita Tu Web Sin Ser Programador
I want to sell my Products and Services on the Internet

If you are interested in SELLING your products and services on the internet through a web of professional design, that allows for a good customer relationship, the simplicity of facebook and twitter and the management of your website from any location, then our TA is just what you need.

What is TA?

TA is your WEB + Content Managment System(panel) that allows you to manage your website by ADDING, EDITING, DELETING products, UPLOADING pictures fast and simply like facebook at anytime you want with just a couple clicks and you don’t even need programming skills.
What Benefits do i have if i choose TA?

High Quality Image
We offer high-quality, diverse and relevant designs from scratch, we don't use templates and our designs are originals.
Update your website without cost
You'll be able to Add, Edit, Delete contents ( Image, Texts, Files ) and you won't need a programmer.
Send Newsletters without a click
When you insert any news, the server automatically sends emails to all your clients at 200 emails/hour without a click.
Get comments from your clients
Interact with all your clients just like facebook and you can approve or disapprove before posting it on your web.
Ipad, Iphone Friendly
Flash technology is not Ipad, Iphone and mobile friendly. We use JQuery to get better animations.
Get Top Positions on the Internet
To get a good SEO our system will allow you to insert all the keywords or tags that you need.
Backups without a click
To avoid any hacks, the system will have a copy of your website ready to be reinstalled inmediately.
Life Time Guarantee
If there is an error, bug or your website goes down after we delivered it, we will fix it at no cost to you.
Video Assistance
You will have access to video tutorials, that will teach you how to manage (add, edit, delete) your site.

I want to watch an example of TA

1. The demostration of WA consist in watching the two following links:

Web    Content Managment System


2. In order to use the Content Managment System, please watch the video:

What are the Features of TA?


  • Compatibility with IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari.
  • PHP.
  • Mysql Database.
Products Unlimited
  • Unlimited category.
  • Unlimited Products.
  • Insert, edit and delete categories, sub-categories, products.
  • You can upload more than one photo per product.
  • You can insert videos from youtube per product.
  • Create product attributes such as color, size, etc.
  • Different prices for each customer group.
  • 2 languages: English and Spanish
  • Create, edit and delete different taxes for different zones.
Payment and Shipping modules
  • Accept payment by Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover and Paypal.
  • Install and uninstall new modules.
Purchase Process
  • The customers must sign in to make a purchase.
  • When the customers buy a product, the system will notify that customer and website administrator.
  • As a System Administrator you will see the orders placed.
  • Registration Form.
  • forgot your password function.
  • Passwords are encrypted.
  • Access to customers area to view their orders.
Customers Groups
  • Create, edit and delete groups of customers with specific characteristics of shipping, payment and taxes.
  • Notifications about new products, news from the administrator by mail to your customer base.
Additional Contents
  • Create, edit and delete additional pages such as: About us, Conditions, Privacy, Shipping, etc..
Contact Form
  • Receive emails from you contact form.
  • Create/Delete a backup of your web and download the database
Video Assistance
  • You will have access to Video Assistance that will explain each function of the content management system.


Madison : 608 957 8646
Contact Office : 316 Maverick Mankato MN 56001 - USA
Sales Department: joeperalta@reylnetwork.com